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New- a heartfelt journal to unlock the poet within you. For seasoned writers and aspiring poets comes a new opportunity to find beauty in the ordinary and magic in the mundane. Each new page provides a simple English phrase itching to be translated into poetic verse.


A brand-new collection of poems exploring the progression of a life through the elements of music. The poems in Harmony explore childhood, friendship, grief, acceptance, and peace.

Out Now


Out Now


A revised edition of Whitney's bestselling Home, now with a new introduction and more than a dozen new poems. Resonant, raw, and vibrant, Home is a lyrical map to navigating heartbreak.


Join our
Bali Retreat

Aug 31- Sept ,  2024

Join me and author Christi Steyn for a week of community, writing and adventure.


Join us on this Balinese ocean adventure of a lifetime! With stops in Nusa Penida, Uluwatu, and Canggu, this trip will take you on a tour of the best beaches Bali has to offer. Snorkel with manta rays and surf world-class waves while learning about Balinese culture through food and dance.

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